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Supergrip Yoga Wheel + Universe Mat

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Pack of non-slip mat and wheel

The yoga wheel can be your best ally to relieve pain and tension. In addition, increase flexibility, improve body strength and balance.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It is perfect for beginners who are looking for additional support to facilitate mobility, or for more advanced people who want to improve their flexibility and adopt more difficult postures.
  • RELIEVES PAIN: Ideal for soothing muscle stiffness, relieving stress and tension in your back, chest and shoulders.
  • RESISTANT AND DURABLE: It can support up to 150 kilos. Made of ECO POLYURETHANE (PU) (exterior), ULTRA non-slip and sweat resistant. + Natural RUBBER outside and inside with ABS. Biodegradable, free of toxic substances and PVC, with durable ecological ink, respectful of the planet and your skin.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: the surface features a unique and exclusive design from Yogimi.
  • FREE BAG: Free bag made of 100% resistant natural cotton, to transport or store the wheel.

The mat “UNIVERSE” represents the balance between body and mind. It is inspired by this “new normal”, which has changed the course of many people and, where yoga is for many, a path that pushes them to continue “walking”.

Because “ is just that, staying balanced between choices and consequences”

The type of mat most recommended by yoga teachers and regular practitioners is the SUPERGRIP type. It is good for beginners due to its great adhesion, thus avoiding slipping that can cause injuries. And it is also ideal for the most advanced practitioners due to the safety it offers for working vinyasas and jumps with soft cushioning thanks to its natural rubber base.

Longer and wider than the usual mats, which makes it easier to practice without leaving the mat.

Biodegradable, free of toxic substances and PVC, with durable ecological ink, respectful of the planet and your skin.


Te garantizamos que los materiales utilizados son 100% naturales.


Packaging libre de plásticos y reutilizable.


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    Supergrip Yoga Wheel + Universe Mat
    Rueda de yoga supergrip decorada con motivos y bolsa portarueda de regalo.
    Supergrip Yoga Wheel + Universe Mat
    Rueda para yoga supergrip de máxima sujeción de Yogimi.
    Supergrip Yoga Wheel + Universe Mat
    Cómo usar la rueda de yoga supergrip de máxima sugeción.
    La yoga wheel ideal para practicar yoga.
    Rueda para yoga de máxima sugeción de Yogimi.

    Customer Reviews

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    Elisa Sánchez
    Gran calidad

    Me ha encantado todo lo recibido! Una calidad increíble! Ya tengo todo lo necesario para las clases de yogimi ❤️

    ¡Bravo! Gracias por valorarnos, Elisa.

    Sandra De Backer